Gary Neville has faith in Louis van Gaal and in Manchester United

Gary Neville is a retired footballer who spent his entire playing career performing for Manchester United in a career which started off in 1991 and concluded in 2011. During his time playing in Old Trafford, Neville was able to win 8 Premier League titles but it’s been quite a while since the last time that Manchester United has lifted the English trophy.

The last Premier League silverware that Manchester United won occurred during the 2012-13 season which was over 2 years ago.

Even though it has been such a significantly long time since United was crowned as the champions of England, Gary Neville has faith in Louis van Gaal as he believes that the Dutch coach can lead United to their 21st Premier League silverware.

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville said: “Louis van Gaal has had one season at the club now. He’s settled in. The players know him a lot more.I suppose there is a risk if they bring in five or six new players about how they would adapt to it. But we have yet to see that. The players who are there will adapt a lot easier this season. They have had a year with him. He’s had a year with them and it should be a more comfortable position to start from.”

Gary Neville announced his retirement from playing professional competitive football on February of 2011 but Neville still continues being up to date with news and events in the world of football as he is a commentator for Sky Sports and one of the latest things he has expressed his thoughts about in the Premier League had to do with Manchester United as Neville revealed his support towards Louis van Gaal who will be going through his 2nd season in charge of the Premier League club.

Gary Neville expects Louis to Lead the Club

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville says that he expects manager Louis van Gaal to lead the club to title success within three years. The Dutchman has struggled since taking over the club from David Moyes in the summer.

Even though their form has substantially improved in the last few months, the prospect of United finishing comfortably in the top four still remains a major doubt. United have suffered only one defeat since December and this imperious form has not helped them establish a sizeable advantage in the top four race. Dropping four points in the last five matches has seen the likes of Tottenham and Southampton close the gap.

Many expected United to straightaway challenge for the title upon the arrival of Van Gaal. This expectation was placed upon the club after having witnessed their rivals Liverpool make a similar challenge after encountering a very poor campaign. The lack of any form of European football was expected to help United in this regard, but it has already proven that it is not the case. Neville has won several league titles with United, but many now reckon that it may be a few years before United become title challengers once again. Neville says that he expects title success to come within three years.

“I like what he’s done. A lot of people have been criticising him but he’s been pragmatic, he’s changed his style to suit.It’s not always been the best football in the world but then what Manchester United need this season is a Champions League finish and then hopefully an FA Cup run and maybe an FA Cup victory. That would be a sensational season. People have been critical because he’s not playing this way or that way (but) it takes time, he’s only been there seven months,” said Neville.

Steven Gerrard soon finishes Contract with Liverpool

As Steven Gerrard approaches the last six months of his contract with Liverpool, speculation as to whether the 34-year-old will continue playing has also begun.

Gerrard has not ruled out playing for another club. He has been at Liverpool since the start of his career and is one of the few one club men in the world. Gary Neville is amongst them and the current Sky Sports pundit represented Manchester United throughout his professional career. He says that Gerrard still is young enough to carry on playing for the next few years. Several midfielders like Ryan Giggs have carried on playing into the 40s.

It remains to be seen if Liverpool will be interested in extending Gerrard’s contract or they may look to the future and sign a young player instead. The Liverpool captain has not been featuring in the starting line-up of late. This has led to rumours that he has had a fallout with manager Brendan Rodgers. More importantly, Gerrard was not in the starting line-up on the 16th anniversary of making his debut. Rodgers later said that he did not deliberately block Gerrard from featuring in the starting line-up on this special day and it was merely a case of forgetting the date on his part.

“This week Gerrard told Liverpool fans that he would speak to them when the time was right, which was a sensible stance.I can’t quite understand where the fire is coming from on this issue. The idea that a 34-year-old can decide his future before Christmas seems odd to me. My take on it would be that both parties should sit back and relax. There are no flames.At that age, often you’re in a vulnerable state in your own mind – as Gerrard will be,” said Neville, who retired in 2011 at the age of 36.

HErnandez recieves national recall

Javier Hernandez has received a national recall. His form for Real Madrid, where he is currently playing, has been good which has prompted the El Tri boss Miguel Herrera to give him a place in his squad.
Hernandez was picked for the World Cup, but, then got dropped for the two friendly matches played against Bolivia & Chile.
Herrera had actually been calling for Hernandez to leave Manchester United for a long time. He had regularly been saying in the media that the forward should look for options in Italy or in Spain.
Even the previous month, while talking to a sport website, Herrera had said, “I think Javier would be better off playing at any other club, maybe Juventus. He is clearly not wanted at United any more as we all can see. So, why not move to somewhere else. He has to play. The more time he spends at the pitch, the better it is for him and he is getting through a crucial phase of his career right now.”
Finally, at the start of this month, Hernandez fulfilled the wish of his national boss as he signed for the European Cup champions Real Madrid, not on a permanent basis, but, on loan. It’s not a short loan deal though. The forward will be there at Bernabeu right through the season.
Hernandez opened his scoring account for Madrid yesterday playing versus Deportivo La Coruna. He substituted Gareth Bale just about 15 minutes prior to the final whistle and fired in a couple of goals in that short period.
The Los Blancos were already ahead in the game by a margin of 5 goals. So, those 2 additional goals did not make much of a difference in result, but, Hernandez’s morale would certainly have got boosted.

Neville Claims England Cannot Copy Germany

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville, who was part of the England coaching setup at the World Cup 2014, says that the national team cannot copy the blueprint of Germany. The arch rivals of England, Germany, won the World Cup 2014. They have also created history by becoming the first European team to win on Latin American soil. The victory also complete a remarkable turnaround for the national team, which has left facing with a lot of questions after the Euro 2000. Since then, they invested a lot to develop the youngsters in the country and it has started paying off.

Germany not only had one of the best teams in the World Cup, but they also had a very difficult path to the final. Despite this, Neville says that Germany’s success cannot be replicated in England. Ironically, Germany have made it no secret of the fact that they have tried to take the best aspects from the Spanish national team. As a result, Germany play the same possession based football that results in a lot of control and also protects the defenders. After arguing that England should not copy Germany, Neville claimed that he is confident that the recent failures have set the wheels in motion for a bright future.

“People who write ‘England should follow the German route’ are either oblivious to the obstacle or believe in magic wands. Of course it would be great to follow that route but you may as well at present say ‘England needs weather like Spain’. We are going to have to find our way of doing it because the system we have doesn’t allow us to adopt the German route in its entirety. I’m confident the mountain is starting to move. It is a slow shift and results will take time but I see things happening behind the scenes,” said Neville.

Neville Believes United “Need Not A Big Manager”

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has stated that the club do not need to go in search of a high-profile manager to replace David Moyes, who was sacked after just 10 months in charge following a run of poor results. Moyes was appointed as the replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson only in the summer, but he has been able to oversee a very disappointing campaign with the club. They are on course to miss out on Champions League football, while the latest 2-0 defeat against Everton only pushed to them closer towards a terrible seventh place finish.

Ryan Giggs has been appointed as the interim manager until the end of the season, but United are widely thought to be pursuing one of the top names in the business. They have been linked with the likes of Louis van Gaal, who will be available once the World Cup comes to an end. Even the likes of Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti have been linked with United, but Neville says that the club does not need a big manager in order to get the best out of the players. He says that Giggs would be a great manager for the club if provided the opportunity.

Neville knows United extremely well after having won 16 major honours with the club during his playing days.

“The suggestion that they need a big manager to attract players to the club, I find that a bit sad to be fair. The idea that Manchester United Football Club need to have a sort-of figurehead to be able to attract players is a nonsense as far as I’m concerned. Manchester United, as a football club, is big enough in its own right to be able to attract players – and they should be. It seems to be pointing in that direction and I suppose at the start of next season,” said Neville.


Gary Neville has said that when it comes to managing crucial matches, there is no one in the world who can beat Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea secured a fantastic win the other day against their biggest title rival Manchester City and that too playing away. The Blues would have been a bit low on confidence going into that match as they had managed to grab only one point in their previous league encounter against West Ham United, but, they executed their plans perfectly at Etihad and made up for that setback that they had against the Hammers.

Chelsea is still behind Manchester City in the league table though, but, with that win, they have shown everyone what a quality side they are. If they get on a roll from here on, it would be really difficult for the other title contenders to stop them.

As far as Mourinho is concerned, he has taken a lot of hammering from various former players for his tactics this season, but, he didn’t do anything in that Manchester City game which the critics can point their fingers on. His tactics were spot on and he guided his team to the invaluable 3 points.

Talking to the reporters about Mourinho yesterday, Neville said, “He is one of those guys who just wait for the big occasions. You would have seen how busy he was during that City game. He wanted to get every minor thing right.”

“I don’t think there are too many managers who are smarter than him. He has the capability to outthink most of them.”

Most of the Chelsea fans who were unhappy with Mourinho after his decision to let Juan Mata go would have softened their stance just a little bit after that emphatic win over City.


The former captain of Manchester United Gary Neville who made over 390 appearances for the same club said that the team which is now lead by David Moyes have had their Premier League title dreams crushed after going through a fairly mediocre start of the season.

“To say that as a United fan is hard because in years gone by you’d say anything was retrievable, but at this moment in time they’re not in that mindset of even thinking about the title.

“They’re thinking probably ‘let’s get our next win’, not about winning their next title. If they won the title it would be the greatest championship they have ever won, it really would. But I don’t see it because I think at this moment in time they’ve really got to consolidate, get themselves together, get that belief back, start to pick up points and not even think about the championship.”

When talking about which club has the best squad available at the moment, he went on to praise Manchester City and Liverpool.

He said: ‘Liverpool this season are an interesting one as they can play the same team week in week out as they haven’t got European football, you have to put that down as a factor in their success.

The 38 years old former footballer Neville said however that Manchester City are looking as the favorites on winning the title this season.

‘If you look at the four players that Manchester City added in the summer they are, to me, looking like the title favorites at the moment.’

Manchester United managed to scrape a 3-2 victory against Hull City as they have been trying to cope with the absence of Robin van Persie who is out injured and now are on a 5 match streak without having dropped any points and will need to continue with the positive streak if they want to continue with the positive streak.

Gary Neville hails Mourinho for backing Torres

England assistant coach and television pundit Gary Neville believes Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is due a lot of credit for getting faltering striker Fernando Torres back in decent form and for his performances in the 2-1 win against Manchester City last weekend.

The Spanish international striker set up German striker Andre Schurrle for the first goal before pouncing on a mistake by Joe Hart in the City goal in the dying minutes to score and put the game to bed in an absorbing encounter at Stamford Bridge. This was his first goal in the Premier League this season and there is no doubting the immense value of the goal as well.

And speaking to English daily, Gary Neville stated that he can see that slowly but surely, Mourinho is bringing out the best from Torres once again after the player struggled since his whopping £ 50 million move from Liverpool in January 2011.

The former Manchester United right back also stated that the player himself deserves a lot of credit as well. There have been many times when he plays but is not a threat to the opposition which he can be but in recent weeks, he has taken his game up a few notches and one can see that same pace and guile and danger lurking when he is around.

Neville mentioned that although he missed a sitter in the match, the way he recovered was immense. Over the next seven or eight minutes, he lifted the crowd and the crowd too responded to him and that is what a centre forward should be doing.

And then came his pass for Schurrle before Torres himself got in on the act and Gary Neville can see the glimpses of the Torres that was menace to opposition defenses during his Liverpool days.

Gary Neville says home grown talent is always better

Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes the modern trend of club’s looking for a quick fix to their on-field problems have had a long term effect on English youngsters and have prevented them from reaching the top.

The former England international has claimed that the national game in the country is nearing a very dangerous tipping point where he claimed the cream couldn’t rise to the top and has gone on to demand a change in the structure and culture in order to reverse the trend seen in recent times.

The message is an ominous from a player who himself graduated from the famed youth academy at Manchester United and was part of the famous Class of ’92 or the Fregie’s Fledglings. Since his retirement from the game, Neville has served as a part time pundit for Sky Sports as well as an assistant to national team boss Roy Hodgson.

Gary Neville stated that no one can be exactly definite on this and it is his feeling that they have reached a tipping point where the pathway has become blocked and even the cream of the crop are not given enough chances to rise to the top. He mentioned that he believes if one is good enough, he will be given enough chances and this is the same thing they were told as kids.

Neville mentioned that although he believes the more number of foreign players and coaches come to England, the more the game will develop with their ideas and approach but he also added that just bringing in foreign players and managers cannot stop the slide.

Gary Neville knows there are a few clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal who will look to develop young players but the likes of Chelsea, City and Tottenham also need to follow suit.