The former captain of Manchester United Gary Neville who made over 390 appearances for the same club said that the team which is now lead by David Moyes have had their Premier League title dreams crushed after going through a fairly mediocre start of the season.

“To say that as a United fan is hard because in years gone by you’d say anything was retrievable, but at this moment in time they’re not in that mindset of even thinking about the title.

“They’re thinking probably ‘let’s get our next win’, not about winning their next title. If they won the title it would be the greatest championship they have ever won, it really would. But I don’t see it because I think at this moment in time they’ve really got to consolidate, get themselves together, get that belief back, start to pick up points and not even think about the championship.”

When talking about which club has the best squad available at the moment, he went on to praise Manchester City and Liverpool.

He said: ‘Liverpool this season are an interesting one as they can play the same team week in week out as they haven’t got European football, you have to put that down as a factor in their success.

The 38 years old former footballer Neville said however that Manchester City are looking as the favorites on winning the title this season.

‘If you look at the four players that Manchester City added in the summer they are, to me, looking like the title favorites at the moment.’

Manchester United managed to scrape a 3-2 victory against Hull City as they have been trying to cope with the absence of Robin van Persie who is out injured and now are on a 5 match streak without having dropped any points and will need to continue with the positive streak if they want to continue with the positive streak.