Gary Neville says home grown talent is always better

Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes the modern trend of club’s looking for a quick fix to their on-field problems have had a long term effect on English youngsters and have prevented them from reaching the top.

The former England international has claimed that the national game in the country is nearing a very dangerous tipping point where he claimed the cream couldn’t rise to the top and has gone on to demand a change in the structure and culture in order to reverse the trend seen in recent times.

The message is an ominous from a player who himself graduated from the famed youth academy at Manchester United and was part of the famous Class of ’92 or the Fregie’s Fledglings. Since his retirement from the game, Neville has served as a part time pundit for Sky Sports as well as an assistant to national team boss Roy Hodgson.

Gary Neville stated that no one can be exactly definite on this and it is his feeling that they have reached a tipping point where the pathway has become blocked and even the cream of the crop are not given enough chances to rise to the top. He mentioned that he believes if one is good enough, he will be given enough chances and this is the same thing they were told as kids.

Neville mentioned that although he believes the more number of foreign players and coaches come to England, the more the game will develop with their ideas and approach but he also added that just bringing in foreign players and managers cannot stop the slide.

Gary Neville knows there are a few clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal who will look to develop young players but the likes of Chelsea, City and Tottenham also need to follow suit.