Gary Neville expects Louis to Lead the Club

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville says that he expects manager Louis van Gaal to lead the club to title success within three years. The Dutchman has struggled since taking over the club from David Moyes in the summer.

Even though their form has substantially improved in the last few months, the prospect of United finishing comfortably in the top four still remains a major doubt. United have suffered only one defeat since December and this imperious form has not helped them establish a sizeable advantage in the top four race. Dropping four points in the last five matches has seen the likes of Tottenham and Southampton close the gap.

Many expected United to straightaway challenge for the title upon the arrival of Van Gaal. This expectation was placed upon the club after having witnessed their rivals Liverpool make a similar challenge after encountering a very poor campaign. The lack of any form of European football was expected to help United in this regard, but it has already proven that it is not the case. Neville has won several league titles with United, but many now reckon that it may be a few years before United become title challengers once again. Neville says that he expects title success to come within three years.

“I like what he’s done. A lot of people have been criticising him but he’s been pragmatic, he’s changed his style to suit.It’s not always been the best football in the world but then what Manchester United need this season is a Champions League finish and then hopefully an FA Cup run and maybe an FA Cup victory. That would be a sensational season. People have been critical because he’s not playing this way or that way (but) it takes time, he’s only been there seven months,” said Neville.