Gary Neville has faith in Louis van Gaal and in Manchester United

Gary Neville is a retired footballer who spent his entire playing career performing for Manchester United in a career which started off in 1991 and concluded in 2011. During his time playing in Old Trafford, Neville was able to win 8 Premier League titles but it’s been quite a while since the last time that Manchester United has lifted the English trophy.

The last Premier League silverware that Manchester United won occurred during the 2012-13 season which was over 2 years ago.

Even though it has been such a significantly long time since United was crowned as the champions of England, Gary Neville has faith in Louis van Gaal as he believes that the Dutch coach can lead United to their 21st Premier League silverware.

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville said: “Louis van Gaal has had one season at the club now. He’s settled in. The players know him a lot more.I suppose there is a risk if they bring in five or six new players about how they would adapt to it. But we have yet to see that. The players who are there will adapt a lot easier this season. They have had a year with him. He’s had a year with them and it should be a more comfortable position to start from.”

Gary Neville announced his retirement from playing professional competitive football on February of 2011 but Neville still continues being up to date with news and events in the world of football as he is a commentator for Sky Sports and one of the latest things he has expressed his thoughts about in the Premier League had to do with Manchester United as Neville revealed his support towards Louis van Gaal who will be going through his 2nd season in charge of the Premier League club.