Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has said that it is essential that the club needs to prove that the empire is not crumbling. Manchester United have enjoyed some of the best moments in the history in the last two decades after they have lifted numerous titles under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson and with the presence of players like Gary Neville.

The defender recently announced his retirement from professional football. Manchester United failed to lift any trophy for the first time in four seasons last season. Many have been predicting that this is the start of the decline for Manchester United due to the arrival of players like Manchester city and Chelsea.

Manchester United successfully weathered the storm from Chelsea in 2005, but due to the fact that they now have to contend with both Manchester city and Chelsea, it will be tough to do so according to many. Gary Neville believes that Manchester United should not allow an empire to crumble in the way that many predict who happen in the next few years. One of the reasons for such a prediction is the lack of transfer funds provided by the club’s owners, while Sir Alex Ferguson has not criticised the actions of the same.

“The challenge this season is always the same. It’s to win the Premier League, do well in the cups and do well in the Champions League. That challenge never changes. But, obviously, when you don’t win anything you have an added incentive because people start to question the team and wonder if the empire is crumbling. United now have an opportunity to put things right,” said Gary Neville on the official website of the club. During his playing days, Gary Neville has won every major trophy at club level with Manchester United.