Former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville, has said that Luis Suarez has got enormous ability and he is the sort of player whom every manager would want in his team.

Luis Suarez has been in sensational form in the ongoing season. He has scored 15 Premier League goals for Liverpool in this season and has helped the Reds in recovering after having a poor start to the season.

But, despite his great performance, Luis Suarez has always been criticized by the experts and former players for his temperament on the field. He has had quite a few controversies in his short career. In the last season, he was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra in the match against Manchester United. After that, he was handed a ban of 8 matches and was also fined 40,000 Pounds.

When asked about Suarez, Neville said, “He is a very dangerous player and he has the capability of turning the match upside down single handedly. He is a manager’s delight.”

“Yes, there are a few issues regarding his temperament, but, I think he should be given a bit of time to adjust. He has come to England just a couple of years back. He has still not adapted himself according to English culture. If he is given a bit of time, he will improve temperamentally.”

“The words which he used for Evra in the last season are completely unacceptable. But, he has already been punished for that.”

“I can understand why the opposition fans don’t like him. He is very aggressive and likes to express his emotions. He doesn’t hold himself back. But, as far the ability is concerned, he is right up there. If he continues playing like this, he will turn out to be a great player.”