Mourinho should get rid of the mole

It is increasingly appearing that a mole is working behind the Manchester United’s manager back at the moment.

Indeed there has been some information released to the media that could not have been done by an outside source. Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has urged Jose Mourinho to get rid of the mole if he wants to remain as manager of the team.

There has been heavy criticism in recent times after Manchester United have lost three games in a row. The Portuguese manager has said that it is the players that are to be blame for the defeat as they are the ones making the mistakes on the pitch.

Gary Neville stated that he does not understand why there are leaks already happening so early in the season. He believes that the manager should be given time to change the team after the bad experience with David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

A recent article has suggested that some players are not happy with the way Jose Mourinho pressurized them, and they have been shocked by his hard approach in managing the team. Gary Neville believes that the Portuguese manager has his own principle when it comes to managing a team, and it is up to the players to adapt.

Gary Neville has urged the Portuguese manager to monitor media information closely so as not to allow additional media pressure to build. The former player believes that Jose Mourinho is the manager that Manchester United need at the moment, and he will surely turn the team around during the season.

He has urged fans to stay behind the team and to support the players irrespective of what happen. He is confident that Manchester United will come out strongly and will be able to challenge for the title this season.