Gary Neville Speaks about the Future of Man City

The Manchester United manager Gary Neville has made a prediction about Manchester City’s 2019/2020 campaign after their Carabao Cup finals win over Aston Villa.

Manchester City has struggled this season in the Premier League and they are behind Liverpool, the league leaders by 22 points. But Manchester City’s head coach Pep Guardiola has made sure that they get the trophy by beating Villa at Wembley.

Chelsea created a 2-0 lead within thirty minutes at Wembley as Rodri and Sergio Aguero got the back of the net with Mbwana Samatta who scored for Villa.

Manchester City is still in the FA Cup and has a 2-1 lead which they gained in their tie against Real Madrid in their last 16 Champions League match. The United star Neville made them believes that they could go on to experience the greatest season for them even while having surrendered their status as league champions.

Gary Neville explained in an interview that it could become the best season for them if they win the Champions League this time. He said that they’re injured as a club. According to him, maybe the club needed to be in that position, given that over some of the last years in the Champions League, they’ve always seemed like they are not ready yet. Although Neville believes that Manchester City’s performance at Real Madrid was exceptionally good with a whole new level of feeling in it. Gary Neville added to the interview by saying that Pep Guardiola has built a squad. His record in the finals is amazing. Guardiola is almost addicted to winning and the mentality he and his team have at this very moment is something difficult. It is about them not going to win the league this season, but they still have that pace and energy in them and they still are winning trophies.