Gary Neville Pilots, Three Wins For Valencia

Gary Neville has been one of the reasons for several wins that Valencia has experienced this season.

Out of the 16 league games played by Valencia, Neville helped the team win three of them. A new deal is now being offered to Neville. There are iconic moments captured of the team’s win. However the defeat by Celta has been hard on him. Gary looked on as his team lost to Celta with a score of 2-0.

There were chants from the fans that Neville should leave the team after the defeat. But Gary is holding on. He continues to play till the season ends, but the extension might not happen unless there are unexpected surprises and performances that make the management rethink their plans.

Neville has helped the team win in many instances, but that might not be enough to get him an extension. There would be a meeting with the club owners in April when the five month deal between the club and he would be discussed. Neville might be offered a new deal based on how the season ends. In case Neville feels that he does not deserve an extension he will not expect the same. The relationship between the club and Neville has been a smooth one.

The owner is a business partner and friend of Neville and they are both willing to come up with a solution that will be best for everyone. Gary did instigate disappointment among his fans for the defeat of Celta team and for that reason; his initial decision to go back to England has been stalled. He will complete his season with Valencia and try and up the performance level to help the team reach a better position by the end of the season.